Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Community Health in TRU

Reaching the Unreached is an effort to reach out to those in need of learning how to maintain good health and how to go about promotion of new traditions in matters of health of women and children. It is also an effort to impart as much knowledge and education to the people who are ill and have less access to health care services.

We are a community health project working in the interior areas of Panch Mahals and Vadodara district of Gujarat. We serve nearly 60,000 people by our five dispensaries and an outreach care program for maternal-child care programs. We have a small intervention for Mental health, wherein we have served 725 patients over last four years.

We have published books and other IEC materials. We have developed various community health records and training tools in health.

We are based at:
Trust For Reaching The Unreached,
(Lok Swasthya Mandal)
41, Vishwas Colony, Alkapuri,
Vadodara - 390007